DeNova Detect's 10-Year Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is Here!

Keep your home and pets safe with DeNova Detect 10-Year Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide alarms. Hear more from Kyshawn of Weekly Home Check!

10-Year 100% Battery-Powered Carbon Monoxide + Natural Gas Alarm



2-in-1 Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas detection

10-year battery and product service life

100% Battery-Powered alarm mounts close to ceiling where natural gas accumulates first and follows proper alarm placement to meet NFPA 715 guidelines 

11 minutes more escape time. Our low level natural gas alarm threshold of 10% LEL alerts to emergencies earlier on average than competitors’ higher 25% LEL threshold. Validated by Fire & Risk Alliance

Voice Alerts in English & Spanish announce warnings of natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks

Self-diagnostics provide peace of mind by ensuring all internal systems are functional, and alerts will be provided if an error occurs

Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) sensor technology provides accurate and faster detection of explosive natural gas leaks than traditional type sensors found in plug-in alarm

Virtually eliminates false alarms caused by harsh household chemicals, such as laundry detergent, disinfectant spray, aerosol hairspray, furniture polish, among others. Validated by GTI testing

ETL Listed to UL 1484 & UL 2034

Model Number: DD622NCV

How to Install a DeNova Detect Alarm

Learn how to install the NEW DeNova Detect 100% battery powered 10-year natural gas and carbon monoxide alarm.

Help protect your home and family from the dangers of natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide with the NEW DeNova Detect Natural Gas + Carbon Monoxide combo alarm. Azure of LiveComposed just installed hers!

What to Look for In a Natural Gas Alarm?

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DeNova Detect Gives Back to the Community

See how New Cosmos $25,000 Natural Gas Alarm donation helped support a devastated community in Edgewood, Maryland after a major gas explosion. We’re here to help protect people and property and we’ll continue to do so!

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Technical Specifications

The fastest Natural Gas + Carbon Monoxide Alarm available with a 10% LEL alerting you to emergencies 11 minutes sooner.

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Installation & Support

Learn how to protect your family from dangerous gas leaks and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mariah Bragg
An excellent purchase. Best in class, but still room for improvement.

My home has five natural gas appliances in three rooms - the furnace, water heater, dryer, oven/stovetop, and my bedroom heater. Before purchasing this product, I was about to buy a separate carbon monoxide detector and a separate natural gas detector for each room. Now, I have three units instead of six. I like that this combo detector is wireless as I can put it wherever I want, especially higher up near the ceiling for an earlier warning of a natural gas leak. My favorite thing about this combo detector is it not having a light on 24/7. I absolute despise light pollution, both outdoors and inside the home. Perhaps I’m hypersensitive to light at night, but I like that my bedroom is protected while also staying dark for sleep time. I highly recommend this to anyone in the market and I would buy again.

What would I change about this product:

1. Include an auto-test feature rather than require a human to go up near the ceiling (in my case 14+ ft) and press the test button once a week. In reality, I’m not actually going to do this each week nor each month. Maybe once a season. Make it auto for people like me, please. :)

2. I saw a competing product that activates (powering up for the first time) by simply turning the top clockwise until it clicks thereby connecting the battery to the sensors. I think installing this device would be simpler if it adopted this technique. Having to manually manipulate the battery and wires is not as simple.

3. Reduce the packaging it comes in. Eliminate the use of plastic wherever possible. I’d like to see this detector come in a small compostable cardboard box or a thick paper sleeve.

4. Reduce cost to consumer. This is an incredible product, but its current cost (>$100) will certainly limit who can/will buy it. It’s a superior product but it’s also the safest product, so ensure almost every homeowner can and will buy it.

5. Include a smoke detector that can be turned on or off (turned off in areas of the home where you don’t want a smoke detector like near a stovetop). This way, these detectors can be used anywhere in the home instead of folks having to buy separate detectors for each room.

Jim Hauser
DeNova Detector Review

I purchased 5 combination Natural Gas/Carbon Monoxide detectors for my home. I was actually just planning to replace my existing CO detectors, and assumed that they also detected natural gas. After doing a little research, I found that this is NOT the case, and I definitely wanted natural gas detection, as well. I've seen multiple occurrences in the news of homes being completely destroyed by natural gas leaks, and it seems crazy that multi-function detectors are not mandatory, as they are in Japan and some European countries. Very glad I found this product. No one else seems to offer this level of protection, and I don't want to be without it.

Jose Mendez
¡Una Alarma de Buena Calidad, Por 10 Años Vale la Pena!

Mi hija me regalo esta alarma para mi cumpleaños. Me gusta que es fácil de montar y es una alarma 2 en 1. También me gusta que cuando avisa es en inglés y en español. Es fantástica, y voy a comprar mas para mis otras propiedades que tengo.