Con Edison Of New York Presented With 1st Annual New Cosmos USA, INC. Natural Gas Safety Innovator Award

Con Edison Of New York Presented With 1st Annual New Cosmos USA, INC. Natural Gas Safety Innovator Award

Yoshinori Takahashi-san, President of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., presents award to valued utility partner

Since the New Cosmos USA, Inc. and Con Edison partnership began, there has been significant progress in the adoption of natural gas alarms across New York State with interest ramping up from utilities across the United States. With a successful pilot program beginning in October of 2018, Con Edison has successfully deployed nearly 200,000 critical natural gas alarms to their customers in New York, with an ambitious goal of 400,000 alarms to be installed by 2025.

This strong and successful partnership between our companies has been so productive that it merited the creation of our annual Natural Gas Safety Innovator Award program to highlight utilities and partners that go above and beyond the call of duty to provide enhanced safety to the communities that they serve.

To honor Con Edison and their continued diligence in partnership, Yoshinori Takahashi-san, President of New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd., traveled from Japan to New York to personally present the award to Con Edison along with the New Cosmos USA, Inc. team.

"Con Edison of New York has been an incredible partner from the beginning, setting the stage for other utilities to learn from their pilot program deployment and creating a blueprint for interested utilities. They continue to impress by deploying our natural gas alarms to their customers exceptionally quickly and efficiently,” said Ron Lazarus, COO of New Cosmos USA, Inc. “We're looking forward to continuing our work with Con Edison to provide peace of mind to their customers and improved safety for the territory's first responders and Con Edison's utility workers."

Con Edison has led the industry by being the first utility in the United States with a mass deployment of wireless, battery-operated natural gas alarms, allowing them to provide better response time and overall safety to customers throughout their territory. By pioneering the pilot program for this type of technology, Con Edison's actions and alarm deployment has provided the framework for how other utilities can follow in their footsteps to keep natural gas users safe, in alignment with our mission of saving lives and protecting property.

The partnership has been greatly beneficial to New Cosmos USA, Inc., Con Edison, and families and communities in New York. Most importantly, residents in Con Edison's territory are now much more aware of the potential danger of natural gas leaks and can be alerted to leaks and potential explosive conditions before a devastating event occurs. Secondarily, Con Edison can now increase the speed of their response to these incidents with enhanced AMI monitoring, and New Cosmos USA, Inc. can gather invaluable field data to optimize products even further. Encouraging news from Con Edison's team details that our natural gas alarms have produced no false alarms in the field thus far, ensuring that residents and utilities can trust that when they receive a notification of increased gas levels, they should treat it seriously.

If you're a utility representative searching for a natural gas alarm solution, or a resident aiming to protect their family and property, please visit here to learn more about our life-saving alarms and technology.

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