Natural Gas Leak Detectors For Utility Providers

6-Year 100% Battery-Powered Natural Gas Alarm

Revolutionary Sensing Technology Enables Superior Features and Performance

6-Year 100% Battery-Powered Natural Gas Alarm

Compatible with LoRaWAN Network

7-Year 100% Battery-Powered Natural Gas Alarm

Future Product – Release Date TBD

Works with Amazon Sidewalk

10-Year 100% Battery-Powered Natural Gas Alarm

Compatible with Itron Gen 5 Network

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Con Edison New York Utility Partnership


  • Deployed 200,000 Natural Gas Alarms in New York with almost zero false alarms.
  • Close to 400,000 natural gas alarms will be deployed by 2025.
  • Due to the recent alarms installed, Con Edison New York utility customers’ lives and properties have been saved from newly discovered dangerous gas leaks.


  • New York City’s fire department can be dispatched quicker and with more useful information on the severity of the gas leak
  • New York City can save money, time and resources by reducing false alarm dispatches
  • Con Edison uses real-time data to minimize preventable leaks
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What to Look for In a Natural Gas Alarm?

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Installation & Support

Learn how to protect your family from dangerous gas leaks and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Customer Service: 847.749.3064

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DeNova Detect Gives Back to the Community

See how New Cosmos $25,000 Natural Gas Alarm donation helped support a devastated community in Edgewood, Maryland after a major gas explosion. We’re here to help protect people and property and we’ll continue to do so!

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