DeNova Detect Joins Amazon as First Natural Gas Alarm on the Amazon Sidewalk

DeNova Detect Joins Amazon as First Natural Gas Alarm on the Amazon Sidewalk

LISLE, Ill.March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DeNova Detect by New Cosmos USA Inc., the creator of the world's leading natural gas alarms, is the first residential battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm to be compatible with Amazon Sidewalk, the secure, free-to-connect community network designed to provide reliable connectivity for billions of devices.

The DeNova Detect 7-year battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm provides accurate and rapid detection. These natural gas alarms are up to 11-minutes faster than traditional gas sensors. DeNova Detect's "smarter" gas leak safety and early warning technology uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to send alerts 7 different ways: text, call, DeNova Connect app, multi-language voice alerts, 85dB alarm horn, LED flashing light and email to notify the end user of a gas leak.

"Smart natural gas alarms save lives," said Ron Lazarus, Chief Operating Officer of New Cosmos USA, Inc. "DeNova Detect helps ensure people and property are protected from dangerous natural gas leaks using accurate real-time alerts, even when they are not home."

DeNova Detect's 100% battery powered, cordless design enables installation close to the ceiling where natural gas rises and accumulates first, and eliminates the need for an outlet. Alarms should be installed near every home gas appliance including the clothes dryer, water heater, furnace, gas fireplaces and cooking appliances.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), natural gas explosions are on a staggering rise, with 4,200 fires caused every year as a result of natural gas leaks. DeNova Detect devices are able to detect leaks in hard-to-reach places typically limited by WiFi such as basements, garages, and patios with Amazon Sidewalk. The NFPA 715 standard recommends natural gas alarms be mounted no more than 12" from the ceiling and installed in every room where a gas appliance exists.

Enhanced Benefits of DeNova Detect's Compatibility with Amazon Sidewalk

  • Simplified device set-up and connectivity with participating Amazon Sidewalk Bridge devices, which include many Echo and Ring devices
  • Seven real-time alerts via text/phone/email/app, alarm, LED flashing light and voice alerts in multiple languages
  • Alarm is heard across all wirelessly connected devices, regardless of leak location
  • Coverage is expanded with Sidewalk's long-range, low-bandwidth connectivity
  • Cost savings on electric bills

The DeNova Detect product line offers the only residential battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm in the U.S and will be the first to market. DeNova Detect products are available for pre-order registration now. Additional updates and notifications are available by signing up on DeNova Detect's Amazon Sidewalk product page.

About New Cosmos USA Inc. 

New Cosmos Electric, a leading global supplier of natural gas alarms for more than 60 years, formed a wholly owned subsidiary New Cosmos USA, Inc. in 2018. New Cosmos USA is headquartered in Chicago and has developed the DeNova Detect brand to provide gas alarms to some of the largest utility companies in the U.S. as well as commercial and residential customers. With more than 70 million residential gas alarms sold worldwide, New Cosmos remains committed to delivering cutting-edge safety solutions to customers globally in order to protect what matters most.

Chelsea Bowers
Zen Media

SOURCE New Cosmos USA Inc.

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