DeNova Detect Partners with Oxit and Silicon Labs to Introduce The First Amazon Sidewalk Natural Gas Alarm

DeNova Detect Partners with Oxit and Silicon Labs to Introduce The First Amazon Sidewalk Natural Gas Alarm

Though natural gas is considered relatively safe, aging infrastructure and outdated standards put people and residential properties at risk. According to a 2018 report from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an estimated 4,200 house fires per year start with the ignition of natural gas, causing an average of 40 deaths.

Established over six decades ago, New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. was the first company to release a residential gas alarm to reduce the risk of explosions. Today, with over 70 million alarms sold, they’re continuing their mission to maintain the highest safety standards with their innovative DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm, a battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm featuring cutting-edge sensing technology and long-lasting reliability.

Best-in-Class Design Partners for Amazon Sidewalk Device Development

With a strong commitment to safety, New Cosmos USA consistently invests in best-in-class partners for their development ecosystem. As an IoT engineering design partner with specialized expertise in LPWAN technology, Oxit is a critical research and development collaborator. Over nearly a decade of project work, Oxit and Silicon Labs have also established a strong partnership based on deep application-specific knowledge and unwavering technical support.

When Amazon Sidewalk soft launched, Silicon Labs supported Oxit as an alpha design integrator for customers looking to pilot early devices. When considering which of its own customers would be a good fit for integration, New Cosmos USA emerged as a strong contender with a long track record of investment in building public trust through innovative and reliable design.

"We’re not just here to sell a product. We’re building an ecosystem of gas safety. That means we’re committed to providing the highest quality, safest product we can offer. We’ve sold 70 million gas alarms with a 60-year track record of success. Consumers can rest assured we’re not new to the industry."

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, New Cosmos

Silicon Labs’ Wireless Tools and Features Ideal for Natural Gas Alarm Design

New Cosmos’ DeNova Detect design leverages a natural gas micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensor, so the device can operate independently for years without AC power from a wall outlet. This proprietary technology maintains the sensitivity and reliability customers expect from New Cosmos in a smaller, simpler configuration for lower power consumption.

In development, Oxit ensured that DeNova Detect was designed for low power consumption, wide range, and ironclad security from the ground up. Power consumption was particularly important - as a key safety feature in the home, the sensor’s long battery life inspires confidence.

Other important security features, like multilayer encryption, are supported by Amazon Sidewalk, but Oxit and New Cosmos didn’t stop there. By selecting Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth BG24 SoC for a daughter board inside the remote matching detector, the team doubled down on low power consumption and security. This selection was made, in part, to leverage Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Silicon Labs development tools too.

"When safety is critical, we have to make sure the device is stable, so it’s important for us to collaborate closely with OEMs and silicon providers. There are other OEMs that provide tools and automation to reduce development time, but I don’t see them offering devices that are as stable as Silicon Labs."

Lead Embedded Engineer, Oxit

What’s next for New Cosmos USA?

With a major global presence in the natural gas industry, having already sold 70 million alarms, and six decades of research and development, New Cosmos will continue to optimize their sensing products alongside best-in-class partners.


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