Meet Our Managing Director, Marc A. Adams!

Meet Our Managing Director, Marc A. Adams!
We're proud to announce our newest hire, Marc A. Adams who has joined as the Managing Director of our U.S. Gas Utilities division. For over 25 years, Marc has focused his work in the telecommunications industry. Now he is taking his passion for business leadership and technology to support the launch and growth of gas utility, commercial business and consumer residential Natural Gas products for North America.

"I'm excited to be joining New Cosmos USA at a pivotal time for launching our industry-leading natural gas safety solutions. DeNova Detect has been proven to accurately detect natural gas in homes and commercial facilities serviced by natural gas appliances and equipment across the country.
I am honored to embark on a new chapter of business with New Cosmos USA, in an industry that is committed to protecting life and property”. - Marc A. Adams

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