New Cosmos USA Recently Presented At The National Association Of Fire Marshals (NASFM) 2022

New Cosmos USA Recently Presented At The National Association Of Fire Marshals (NASFM) 2022

32nd Annual National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Fire Prevention and Safety Symposium

In August, the New Cosmos USA, Inc. team attended the 32nd Annual National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) Fire Prevention and Safety Symposium to talk shop and share knowledge. Topics ranged from wildfires to new safety techniques to containing fires and much more. New Cosmos USA, Inc. was grateful to be a Platinum Sponsor and present at this year's conference in New Orleans in support of America's fire marshals and to bring natural gas alarm safety to the forefront for key decision-makers.

Some notable information shared with the fire marshals includes:

  • U.S. fire departments respond to about 340 natural gas or liquid propane gas leaks per day with no ignition.
  • An estimated average of 4,200 home structure fires per year are started with the ignition of natural gas, causing about 40 deaths and 140 injuries per year.
  •  At present, only one state (Maine) requires the installation of natural gas alarms where natural gas appliances exist, though a number of additional states have pending legislation.

As always, we strive to connect with those responsible for the safety of their communities to lead the charge for natural gas safety. Through our continued outreach, we hope to support crucial gas alarm installations in every home where gas appliances exist to prevent devastating explosions.

While natural gas safety awareness is always important, 2022 has been significant in advancing our cause on a national level. Leading agencies and state legislators are increasingly prioritizing natural gas safety and alarm standards, with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) announcing a new standard (NFPA715) that advises natural gas alarms be placed in every room with a fuel gas-burning appliance, as well as many basements and garages. Per the new standard, natural gas alarms must be placed within 12" of the ceiling for optimal natural gas detection as natural gas rises since it's lighter than air.

Our DeNova Detect natural gas alarms conform to the new NFPA715 standard, featuring:

  • 10% LEL (lower explosive limit) for best-in-class detection, allowing up to 11 minutes more escape time
  • Battery-powered natural gas alarms that offer easy mounting in locations specified in the NFPA715 standard (12" from ceiling)
  • Distinctive alarm signal combined with dual-language voice alerts
  • Proprietary MEMS sensor virtually eliminates nuisance alarms

While the focus of this symposium is typically fire safety, our presentation promoted a pivot to natural gas safety, firmly putting this issue on the radar of the state fire marshals. During this event, we provided DeNova Detect natural gas alarms to the fire marshals, giving them an opportunity to become accustomed to our critical safety product to ensure they're as familiar with natural gas alarms as they are with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

After presenting and networking with attendees, we were energized to watch the increased interest in natural gas safety. Many state fire marshals expressed enthusiasm to work with us to advance our shared mission of protecting lives and property from the potential dangers of natural gas, committing to joining us in future presentations and urging legislators to address this pressing issue. With support from these key decision makers, natural gas safety will be top-of-mind as state representatives work to protect their communities.

We had a wonderful time conversing with and fielding questions from the fire marshals, and we're proud of the progress that we've made so far in spreading awareness of natural gas safety and the availability of vital gas alarms. Our mission is to protect lives and property, and throughout 2022, we've taken major steps towards this goal. To learn more about our lifesaving natural gas alarms, please explore If you are a fire service leader or legislator interested in learning how we can support your state or local safety efforts, please email directly. We're ready to help!

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