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A Note From Our COO, Ron Lazarus

Natural gas explosions occur every two days in US homes, businesses, and communities. This is not just a domestic problem, but a global one. Our team has been working diligently to share natural gas safety information to the public, utilities, fire services, and legislatures. Thankfully, some legislatures are beginning to listen.

In 2022, the state of Maine enacted legislation requiring natural gas alarms in multifamily homes, dormitories, hotels, motels, etc. Legislation is currently in progress in other states as well.

Most recently, I testified in front of the Tennessee State House of Representatives along with Senator London Lamar in support of Bill HB1831 (the “Fuel Gas Detector Act”), encouraging passage of this bill and informing the House of the availability and rationale for natural gas alarms and how truly vital they are to saving lives.

Many people know how important it is to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes, yet natural gas and the danger it poses is usually not top-of-mind.

With the launch of our newest "National Natural Gas Safety Awareness" campaign, New Cosmos USA, Inc. aims to educate residents about this crucial issue and share how they can protect themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

I hope you enjoy our first newsletter and we look forward to continuing to keep you informed.

Ron Lazarus I Chief Operating Officer I New Cosmos USA, Inc.

Recent Local & Global Updates

Feb. 9 - Our COO, Ron Lazarus, testified on behalf of Senator London Lamar in the Tennessee House of Representatives in support of Bill HB1831 and the importance of natural gas safety.

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Feb. 9-11 - We were grateful for the opportunity to present on “Natural Gas Safety Innovations” at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Spring Conference! Our team hosted a booth, had great discussions with attendees and learned from other vendors presenting on pipeline safety, monitoring, etc.

Feb. 18 - Yoshinori Takahashi-san, New Cosmos Electric Co., LTD. President, was recently interviewed by the news agency The Worldfolio. His interview was published in Newsweek International and highlighted how our state-of-the art Natural Gas alarms help to eliminate deaths due to gas explosions. Read more here.

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Feb.17 - Our DeNova Detect Natural Gas alarms were just featured on a special ViewPoint segment with famous actor, Dennis Quaid. ­­­­ This video highlights the importance of Natural Gas alarms to protect you and your community from deadly gas explosions.

March 2 – New Cosmos USA launched a “National Natural Gas Safety Campaign” to spread awareness of the critical importance of natural gas alarms to prevent deadly explosions. 

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March 25 - Check out our latest case study showing the successful partnership with Con Edison New York to deploy over 100,000 Natural Gas alarms!

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