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Smart Home Natural Gas Alarms Are Raising the Bar on Safety

Smart Home Natural Gas Alarms Are Raising the Bar on Safety

When we think about communities enabled by technology, we tend to think about social networking and the types of communities being built on Discord and Reddit. While these digital communities play a part in our lives to some degree, Amazon Sidewalk reminds us that tech is also key to enhancing our safety.

Smart home devices have exploded in popularity, making day-to-day life more convenient (think, smart lights and refrigerators) and safer (think security cameras, smart alarms, and smart locks). Amazon Sidewalk is a mesh network that increases the range of low-powered connected devices without significantly impacting battery life as information reaches the device—think of your Ring devices, Echo Assistants, Tile trackers, etc. Amazon Sidewalk-compatible devices connect using low bandwidth and allow extended functionality beyond your home’s Wi-Fi network range.

Sidewalk is being used to support devices and help people stay connected. Recently, the program has partnered with several tech companies that are bringing innovation to home safety. One of the newest additions to the Amazon Sidewalk community is optimizing safety in a way we don't often think about—by alerting homeowners to and protecting them from natural gas leaks.

Natural Gas Safety

As a homeowner, keeping your property safe is your top priority. However, home safety isn’t just about protecting yourself from intruders. New Cosmos USA Inc., the creator behind the world’s leading natural gas alarms, has been helping communities prevent natural gas explosions for over 60 years. Their latest product line, DeNova Detect, offers the only residential battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm in the U.S., and it will be the first to market in Fall 2023.

“Every community deserves to be protected with the best and most reliable natural gas leak detection technology available for their home, and DeNova Detect delivers on this promise,” says Ron Lazarus, Chief Operating Officer of New Cosmos USA, Inc.

Innovative home technologies are a proactive way to protect your home, but if you ask the average homeowner about their natural gas alarm, they'll likely shrug and may not even know if their home is equipped with one. You may even get a comment or two about fire alarms and the annoying sound smoke detectors make. According to New Cosmos, overlooking the dangers of natural gas is a big mistake.

Natural gas explosions happen every two days in the U.S.—that’s around 182 explosions a year! Approximately 4,200 home fires per year are started by the ignition of natural gas, causing about 40 deaths and 140 injuries yearly, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The new NFPA 715 Standard recommends natural gas alarms be installed above every gas appliance and mounted no more than 12” from the ceiling.  

It’s time to take your safety more seriously.

As safety takes center stage for many communities, it’s always better to be prepared than caught off guard. Smart home security technology protects your home and adds peace of mind. With Sidewalk, DeNova Detect will be able to expand coverage for their gas alarms and eliminate network connectivity costs, so they can continue delivering on their mission of building products that help keep people safe. 

Source: "Smart Home Natural Gas Alarms Are Raising the Bar on Safety"

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