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The Truth About the Gas Stove Controversy

The Truth About the Gas Stove Controversy

Stoves account for only a small percentage of household gas use but have become cultural and culinary symbols. More than 40 million households and almost a million restaurants cook with gas stoves in the U.S. Unfortunately, political parties and their supporters have polarized this issue, further confusing the millions of people who want to know what’s really happening with their appliances. When people don’t have sound information they can trust, it’s easy to get pulled into the whirlwind of consumer fears.

Business leaders in the natural gas industry have a lot priorities, given the latest natural gas controversy. While a response to the topic could appease some, it can also offend and anger others. It’s difficult trying to handle the intense feelings and opinions a topic like this might stir. However, contrary to popular belief, businesses cannot stay idle during these situations. It’s important to sift through the noise and offer audiences a logical solution.

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 86% of respondents expect CEOs to speak up about the pandemic’s impact, job automation, local community issues, societal issues, or a combination of the above. So when the public caught wind of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) January announcement of the possible bans and health regulations on gas stoves, many looked for the opinions of industry experts.

That’s why credible businesses must provide a neutral, common-sense perspective to help the public make safe, informed decisions about what to do with their natural gas appliances and reduce the spread of misinformation.

In an environment where public opinions and perceptions can quickly affect policy, companies need to be at least as alert as politicians, government officials, and other groups in ensuring that their positions are positively represented and respond with facts. CEOs can reveal the truth about the gas stove controversy and impact the community.

Raise Awareness, Not Panic

The recent increase of faux outrage over a the gas stove ban is a prime opportunity to educate the public about how to enjoy their appliances safely, not stir the pot with mass misinformation and extreme displays of contempt.

Keep Your Home And Community Safe

On average, 4,200 home fires per year start with the ignition of natural gas, causing approximately 40 deaths and 140 injuries yearly. Still using the aging infrastructure our grandparents once used, natural gas pipelines are fragile and susceptible to cracks. Gas leaks can go undetected and unrepaired for years, eventually becoming a much bigger and more dangerous problem.

New Cosmos has dedicated over 60 years to helping the public prepare for and prevent natural gas explosions and use their appliances safely and securely. We strive to provide cutting-edge safety solutions, so people don’t have to give up their preferred cooking method. Our advanced gas sensor technology allows people to protect what they care about the most with natural gas alarms.

You don’t have to give up your appliances if you don’t want to. The smart decision is to implement safety practices to ensure you’re always protected with a natural gas alarm.

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