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Meet Our Newest Hires!

Meet Our Newest Hires!

Customer Support Associate      

Nellie Mendez 

Nellie used to work in the fast-paced landscape of the wireless telecommunications industry. Her career began as a data entry analyst and later became a service assurance specialist, where her focus was on order management and delivering excellent customer support for one of America’s largest mobile network companies, Sprint/TMO. Transitioning into the gas safety industry with DeNova Detect marks an exciting change in her career and she looks forward to the new possibilities for professional growth. The passionate team at DeNova Detect is dedicated to the education and advocacy of natural gas safety, and Nellie has gained significant insight into this industry. She is thrilled to contribute her expertise in her role as Customer Support Associate, as the team navigates the future together, and propels DeNova Detect to even greater heights of success. 

 DeNova Detect’s mission to safeguard lives and property through technological advancements is the driving force that drew me here. As our technology evolves, so does our commitment to creating unparalleled products in this industry. The possibility of being a part of something truly exceptional and forward-thinking is what fuels my excitement for the journey ahead.”  

- Nellie Mendez 

Favorite Quote:  

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Dolores Huerta, Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist 


Financial Manager 

Katsumi Masuo 

Katsumi has 12 years of accumulated professional expertise and experience in Financial and Accounting Management. His professional experience includes in house accounting in Japan and Europe. He also was an outside consultant/accounting auditor in one of largest accounting firms in Japan. Most recently, he was engaged in improving and enhancing the financial reporting operation in the European automobile industry. At DeNova Detect, Katsumi provides financial and accounting services for statutory and management points of view. He helps support and optimize operation processes. Katsumi would like to expand his field to other administrative matters beyond his primary professional field, finance and accounting. 

 I am excited to be part of New Cosmos USA, Inc. that offers innovative safety products to protect people and property in the U.S and contribute to the company. ” - Katsumi Masuo  

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