New DeNova Detect 10-Year Battery-Powered 2-in-1 Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm Available at Lowe's

New DeNova Detect 10-Year Battery-Powered 2-in-1 Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm Available at Lowe's

DeNova Detect unveils the first and only 10-year battery-operated combination carbon monoxide & natural gas alarm in the U.S. to help keep people and property safe from two deadly natural elements

LISLE, Ill., April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- DeNova Detect, created by New Cosmos USA Inc., the world's leading global manufacturer of natural gas alarms, is introducing the first ever 10-year battery-powered 2-in-1 carbon monoxide (CO) and natural gas alarm, available at, select Lowe's stores across the country and

The new combination DeNova Detect 10-year Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide alarms are the only 100-percent 10-year battery operated alarms in the world. Because natural gas rises and accumulates near the ceiling first, placement near the ceiling is critical to early warning. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 715 Standard recommends natural gas alarms be mounted within one foot from the ceiling in every room where gas appliances are in use.

DeNova Detect's early-warning technology offers natural gas leak alerts 11 minutes sooner than other alarms so residents can escape even faster and alert emergency services before an explosion occurs. When every second counts, this is a critical lifesaving difference.

"We are proud to introduce the newest DeNova Detect alarm that alerts people to the presence of both carbon monoxide and natural gas," said Ron Lazarus, COO of New Cosmos USA, makers of DeNova Detect alarms. "Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the country. Explosions due to natural gas leaks are also on the rise, largely due to aging infrastructure, according to recent data available from the NFPA. These explosions cause deaths, injuries, and major property damage -- but both are preventable. It makes sense to introduce this alarm that monitors for both of these potentially deadly elements."

This new industry-first combination alarm offers a step up with 2-in-1 protection and joins the 10-year 100-percent battery powered DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm launched last fall.

"Keep in mind most alarms require annual battery replacements and often false alarm, while DeNova Detect alarms have virtually zero nuisance alarms and no low battery chirps for 10 years," said Julie Harris, natural gas and CO education director at DeNova Detect. " The new DeNova Detect 10-Year Battery-Powered 2-in-1 Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarms lets you replace old alarms with sleek new alarms that offer protection from both CO and natural gas."

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, approximately 60% of U.S. homes use natural gas for heat and fuel.  According to the NFPA, 4,200 home fires are ignited by a natural gas source annually. Many are explosions. A new natural gas explosion or incident occurs every 40 hours in the U.S. with approximately 300 natural gas explosions each year.

The DeNova Detect 10-year natural gas alarms and the new combination alarms are now available online and in Lowe's stores across New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Florida, and California. DeNova Detect natural gas alarms offer many unique benefits:

  • First and only 10-year battery-powered combination CO & natural gas alarm in the U.S.

  • No battery replacements needed and no low battery chirps

  • 100-percent battery-powered alarm easily mounts close to ceiling where natural gas rises and accumulates first

  • No unsightly plug-in, extension cord or outlet needed

  • Cost of the alarm is $8 to $9 a year depending on the model selected

  • Eliminates hidden electricity costs and annual battery replacements

  • Zero-rate of false alarms using the most advanced MEMS sensor technology

  • Voice alerts in English and Spanish announce the type of hazard and instructions to evacuate and then call 911

  • Easily mounts to wall with no electrical outlet or wiring needed

Effective March 15, 2024, New York City Law LL157 requires natural gas alarms in residences near all locations with gas appliances. In 2022, Maine became the first state to require natural gas alarms. Now, seven other states have legislation pending to require natural gas alarms including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The new DeNova Detect 10-Year Battery-Powered 2-in-1 Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm is ETL listed to both UL1484 and UL2034 standards governing natural gas and carbon monoxide alarm testing.

DeNova Detect has natural gas safety experts available for interviews to discuss the importance of purchasing natural gas and CO alarms along with legislation and safety education.

To learn more about the importance of carbon monoxide and natural gas safety, visit

About New Cosmos USA, Inc.
New Cosmos Electric, a leading global supplier of natural gas alarms for more than 60 years, formed a wholly owned subsidiary, New Cosmos USA, Inc., in 2018. New Cosmos USA is headquartered in the Chicago area and has developed the DeNova Detect brand to provide gas alarms to some of the largest utility companies in the U.S. as well as commercial and residential customers. With more than 70 million residential gas alarms sold worldwide, and the developer of the first-ever residential natural gas alarm, New Cosmos remains committed to delivering cutting-edge safety solutions to customers globally to protect what matters most.

Source: Yahoo!Finance

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