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Real-Life Stories: How Natural Gas Detectors Saved Lives

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While many people work hard to secure their homes from external threats, most forget to protect themselves from threats already inside. Different dangers, like electrical or cooking fires and natural gas leaks, start from within your home. These dangers are often silent, sometimes odorless, and invisible. Natural gas leaks are a common hazard to homes and businesses that use gas-powered appliances and heat and can have disastrous consequences if not properly monitored.  

That said, natural gas detectors are invaluable resources to protect against these kinds of incidents, constantly measuring the concentration of gas in the air and notifying you if it reaches dangerous levels. Here are some real-life stories of natural gas leaks that had drastically different outcomes based on the use of natural gas alarms to alert residents and allow them to evacuate the scene in enough time. 

Dallas, Texas 

One morning in a quiet Dallas suburb, the Rasheta family began their day like any other. Little did they know that amidst this semblance of normalcy, an unseen threat had made its way into their home. A natural gas leak, silent and invisible, was starting to compromise their home’s air supply. After smelling something funny in the air, Tara Rasheta remembered the gas detector she had recently purchased after seeing a news report about a gas leak in her state.  

Once she installed this natural gas alarm, it immediately alarmed and signaled that the air was filled with toxic levels of natural gas. This provided Ms. Vasquez the time she needed to gather her family and guide them to safety. Moments later, the local fire department arrived and confirmed the extent of the gas leak, and the Vasquez family was soon able to return to their home safely after the leak was managed. 

Reflecting on the ordeal, Mrs. Vasquez shared that she believes her natural gas detector saved her family’s life and now swears by them in her home, having since bought multiple others for various rooms in her house.  

Harvey, Louisiana 

In 2018, a man in Harvey followed his basic routine, turning up the heat in his home before hopping into the shower. When he left the bathroom, though, something was different—the gas detector he had purchased days before and installed just before his shower was alarming. 

A purchase he had made as a simple home upgrade to his current smoke detector saved his life. After the fire department responded and measured the gas concentration in the air, they reported incredibly high levels of gas coming from Mr. Stiltner’s furnace. He had reported feeling sleepy and irritable the past few days, and no wonder why. As the furnace began malfunctioning, he was slowly showing symptoms of gas poisoning. Without the proper detector, he soon would have succumbed to the toxic air quality. 

Mexico City, Mexico 

Just two months ago, it was reported that two Californians at a hotel in Mexico City died due to gas poisoning during the night in their hotel room. It was later reported by staff that the hotel had recently disabled the gas alarms in that particular unit because they repeatedly sounded, signaling a potential gas leak in the area. Instead of looking into the cause for the alarm going off, they opted to ignore this warning and remove them from the room altogether after multiple noise complaints from guests.  

What they didn’t know was that pipes to the nearby gas-powered fireplaces were slowly leaking into this specific unit and causing concentrations of gas in the air to rise dramatically. Staff continued to report signs of a potential leak, including strong smells and feeling physically unwell in the unit, which went ignored. Soon after, the bodies of two guests were found in the hotel room unresponsive, and toxicology reports confirmed their deaths to be from gas poisoning. 

Maintaining safe and effective gas alarms on this property and responding to their alarms would have saved the lives of these individuals. To protect yourself in your home or on your next vacation, you can opt for a portable, 100% battery-powered gas alarm to bring with you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. When it comes to the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your home, investing in a 100% battery-operated natural gas alarm is the right choice. 

DeNova Detect Natural Gas Detector 

For the best in natural gas protection for your home or business, invest in a DeNova Detect natural gas alarm. Leveraging advanced patent sensor technology, this state-of-the-art alarm is the only 100% battery-powered gas detector in the United States and even better - it alerts you 11 minutes sooner than all competitors. With a ten-year product life, it is the top option for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones from a natural gas leak. 

Ready to provide your home with the best in natural gas safety? We’re here to help.  

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