Amazon Sidewalk Smart Natural Gas Detector

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Product Specifications

10% LEL Natural Gas Alarm threshold alerts you to emergencies earlier with 11 minutes more escape time on average (Source: Fire & Risk Alliance)

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Designed to Save Lives

Our DeNova Detect 807NAS Natural Gas Alarm offers a superior 7-year battery life with no wires, outlets or AC power required. You gain 11 minutes more escape time with our early warning detection technology (10% LEL) versus plug-in alarms with (20-25% LEL). Our exclusive MEMS gas sensor technology provides the most power-saving energy available for added cost savings.

With the Amazon Sidewalk integration, there’s a simple device set up using very low power and a wide reach to protect you, your neighbors and your community from deadly natural gas explosions.

Amazon Sidewalk Offers Multi-layered Security Encryption You Can Trust

As a consumer, you want to be confident about using your smart-home tech devices. You deserve to be protected and that is why Amazon Sidewalk has been carefully designed with privacy protections in place. We encourage you to learn more about how Amazon Sidewalk protects you.

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