Smart Alarms Save Lives

The first step to ensure safety is a natural gas alarm you can trust.

During Fire Prevention Month, DeNova Detect is helping to increase fire safety awareness and help protect lives and property from natural gas explosions. Back in 1922, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) announced that the second week of October would be known as “Fire Prevention Week” in memory of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Throughout October, we’re promoting Fire Prevention Week and Month by engaging with city officials, government leadership, local fire departments and promoting fire safety awareness with a specical emphasis on natural gas safety across the United States. For over 66 years, DeNova Detect has been the global leader in natural gas safety. Our mission is protecting you.

DeNova Detect is excited to support the National Fire Protection Agency’s (NFPA) 2023 campaign for Fire Prevention Month, "Cooking Safety Starts with You!" With natural gas explosions on the rise, we want to highlight the importance of natural gas safety.

Did You Know?

Installing reliable natural gas alarms is the first step to home safety.

  • Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of home fires  (NFPA)
  • The majority of home fires begin in the kitchen (NFPA)
  • A fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds in America (NFPA)

What to Do if a Natural Gas Leak is Detected?

  1. Evacuate and move to safer ground outside your home
  2. Do not turn on/off any appliances or light switches, as any spark may cause an ignition
  3. When in a safe zone, call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number from outside the home

DeNova Detect has been the global natural gas safety leader for over 65 years. We are committed to providing resources, education and support to communities across America, in order to eliminate deaths due to natural gas explosions.

DeNova Detect protects families, neighbors, and communities from dangerous natural gas leaks. Install life-saving detection in every room where gas is present.