DeNova Detect Donates $25,000 of Natural Gas Alarms to West Reading Community Affected by R.M. Palmer Explosion

DeNova Detect Donates $25,000 of Natural Gas Alarms to West Reading Community Affected by R.M. Palmer Explosion



WEST READING, Pa. - It's something that's still on the minds of many who live near the R.M. Palmer explosion site on South Second Avenue in West Reading.

“You don't think about how do I check if there's a leak with the gas other than calling the gas company,” said Karin Long of West Reading.

It's a partnership between Illinois-based New Cosmos USA and West Reading Borough to hand out natural gas detectors that sense methane in the air and can alert people of a leak.

"After the tragedy happened, probably the following week or two, the company reached out and said they would really like to help donate and they had these detectors,” said West Reading Mayor Samantha Kaag.

You may not have known there is such a thing as natural gas detectors. The company that makes them said they're fairly new in the U.S., but they've sold tens of millions around the world.

"A lot of people just don't know enough about natural gas safety yet. About half of the homes in the U.S. use natural gas appliances and should have natural gas alarms installed,” said Julie Harris with New Cosmos USA.

Officials are trying to use the tragedy to raise awareness about how something like this can be prevented.

“We did have a lot of concerns of 'is it the gas?' or "could this have been prevented?' In those regards, those are all things that are still in the works with the tragedy itself, but this was a way that we could kind of bring some solace and comfort for those still worried about gas leaks,” said Mayor Kaag.

If you weren't home for the distribution and you'd like a detector, another distribution will take place at West Reading Borough Hall from 9 to noon on Saturday.


Source: WFMZ 69 News

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