West Reading Residents Get Natural Gas Detectors That Stop Methane in the Air

West Reading Residents Get Natural Gas Detectors That Stop Methane in the Air

“It’s been a problem. Something aside from the impact of what happened all week,” said Ella Perez, owner of a restaurant called “Mecca Caribbean and Soul Food.”

The explosion at the RM Palmer factory in West Reading is something that is still fresh in the minds of many who live in the area.

The company New Cosmos USA is helping the city of West Reading distribute natural gas detectors that detect methane in the air.

These detectors then alert people.

Ella Perez says, “They are quite necessary. A little late, but necessary now and to prevent something like this from happening in the future, it certainly does.”

The company that makes them says they are new to the United States, but they are more popular in other parts of the world. They’ve sold millions of these detectors.

We speak to Julie Harris, who works for the company.

“Many people don’t know enough about natural gas safety, yet nearly half of American homes use natural gas appliances and natural gas alarms should be installed,” Harris said.

We also speak to West Reading Mayor Samantha Kaag.

“We had many concerns. Maybe it could have been prevented and those are all things that we’re still dealing with with the tragedy, but this was a way that we could bring some comfort to those who are still worried about the gas leak. concerned,” the mayor said.

If you live in the area and were not home during the distribution and want a detector, a second distribution will be held this Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at West Reading City Hall.

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