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New DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm Available at Lowe’s

New DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarm Available at Lowe’s

Our DeNova Detect team has been hard at work, and we are excited to finally announce our new DD620NV 10-year natural gas alarm! This alarm is the first and only 10-year battery-operated natural gas alarm available in the United States. It is now available for in-store purchase in select Lowe’s locations across New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Maine, and California, and on our website.

Why Are Natural Gas Alarms So Important?

There are nearly 300 natural gas explosions and 4,200 home fires per year in the United States, with one occurring less than every 40 hours on average. We recently partnered with the Chicago Fire Department and the Survive Alive House to equip at-risk seniors with our life-saving alarm technology, but these are just the first steps. Though our team is working hard to raise awareness, provide education, and support communities affected by natural gas explosions, it is important that everyone does their part to protect their home and community.

The current NFPA 715 standard recommends natural gas alarms be mounted within 12 inches from the ceiling and installed in every room where a gas appliance exists. This includes, but is not limited to, rooms with cooking appliances, dryers, water heaters, furnaces, and gas fireplaces. As the foremost battery-powered residential natural gas alarm provider in the US, DeNova Detect helps homeowners maintain compliance with local laws and standards because of our alarms’ cordless design. This allows the sensor to be placed close to the ceiling, where natural gas rises and accumulates, thus providing maximum detection for you and your family.

Since 2010, 219 people have died, and over 1,000 have been injured due to gas leaks and explosions in this country. In fact, there’s a natural gas explosion that occurs every 40 hours. Believe it or not, natural gas leaks can go undetected and unrepaired for years, eventually leading to disastrous and often fatal emergencies. Relying on your sense of smell is a very antiquated method that simply does not work. As tragic incidents strike states across the U.S., local representatives are beginning to push for legislation requiring the installation of natural gas alarms in all homes which use natural gas as a power source in any capacity – stove, dryer, water heater, fireplace, etc.

In 2022, Maine became the first state to require natural gas alarms in residential buildings after a massive gas explosion took the life of a Farmington firefighter and injured five others. Seven other states have legislation pending to require alarms, including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Many of these states also suffered from natural gas explosions, including one just last month in Illinois that flattened one home and damaged 10 others. Though we wish it wouldn’t take the loss of lives to spark legislation for gas safety, we are grateful these states are taking steps in the right direction.

Why Trust DeNova Detect?

Here at DeNova Detect, we have been protecting people and property for over 60 years. We are the global leader in residential gas alarms, creating the world’s first residential natural gas alarm in 1964. With over six decades of new innovation, technology and research, we have developed the best natural gas detector available for you and your family.

We have sold over 70 million natural gas alarms to satisfied customers worldwide. We adhere to the highest safety standards while offering the best value to our customers. Our desire to uphold the safety and comfort of your home always has and always will be at the core of who we are and what we do.

DeNova Detect’s revolutionary and exclusive MEMS gas sensor technology detects natural gas leaks 11 minutes sooner than all other competitor alarms and provides 24/7 protection, even during power outages. Our state-of-the-art technology has allowed us to develop a detection system that has completely eliminated false alarms, requires no battery changes for the entirety of its product service life, and voice alerts in multiple languages—all for only three cents a day.

Why Our Natural Gas Alarm Is the Best Investment You Can Make 

Though a plug-in alarm may be cheaper at the date of purchase, plug-ins have many hidden costs you may not be aware of. For one, your electricity bill once installed will cost five times more than an alarm that is 100% battery-operated. Our 10-year battery-powered alarm has no additional cost to operate, saving you over $220 over the lifetime of the alarm, and doesn’t require battery changes. You can protect your family from natural gas explosions for 10 years for only three cents a day with our DD620NV natural gas alarm.

Our alarms are independently tested by the Gas Technology Institute to ensure accuracy and immunity to typical household chemicals. Our sensor is proven resistant to ammonia, acetone, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and other chemicals as evaluated by ETL in accordance with the UL 2034 selectivity test. It also meets the new UL 1484 revisions dated Feb. 23 2022 and the NFPA 715 Installation Guidelines. Leveraging early warning technology (10% LEL), our alarm offers 11 minutes of faster escape time. Gain peace of mind knowing that our DeNova Detect alarms will help keep you safe.

The DeNova Detect 10-year alarm is now available online and in-person at select Lowe’s locations. Check local stores for availability.

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