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DeNova Detect Meets with Chicago Fire Chief and Commissioner to Donate $15,000 Worth of Natural Gas Alarms to Seniors

DeNova Detect Meets with Chicago Fire Chief and Commissioner to Donate $15,000 Worth of Natural Gas Alarms to Seniors

Natural gas leaks and explosions are on the rise in the United States, and even though more than 60% of homes use natural gas as a heating and power source, not many Americans are aware of the technology available to protect their homes against natural gas leaks, explosions, and fires.

A growing number of states are drafting and passing legislation to require the implementation of natural gas detection in all residential buildings that use natural gas in any capacity, as this technology is proven to reduce the number of gas-related explosions and fires by detecting dangerous levels of natural gas in the air. Our DeNova Detect natural gas alarms leverage advanced MEMS sensor technology to alert you to a gas leak 11 minutes earlier than our competitors.

On the heels of National Emergency Preparedness Month in September and flowing right into Fire Preparedness Month in October, our team at DeNova Detect worked to spread awareness about the dangers of natural gas leaks in residential and commercial buildings in our headquarters’ home state of Illinois and others across the country.

The Survive Alive House—Chicago, IL

Fires, like those caused by natural gas explosions, are particularly important to us given our proximity to Chicago, which suffered a historic fire that flattened the city in 1871. This month, we partnered with Chicago’s Survive Alive House in the city’s South Loop neighborhood, located at the origin site of The Great Fire. It is operated by the Chicago Fire Department and welcomes over 25,000 people of all ages yearly to provide community education on emergency safety.

The Survive Alive House is a faux-residential home that runs a program in collaboration with local fire officials and experts where they mimic fire situations and show people how to prevent, react, and evacuate in an emergency to keep themselves safe. It is meant to simulate a typical home, including a living room, kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and more. 

In partnership with DeNova Detect and other home safety companies, the house recently underwent its first renovations since opening over three decades ago in 1989. These developments helped enhance their educational efforts, including the addition of simulated smoke, a renovated interior, and new natural gas alarms, courtesy of DeNova Detect

DeNova Detect donated $15,000 in natural gas alarms to the House for at-risk seniors to install in their homes, free of charge. Older adults are at a higher risk of dangerous consequences from natural gas leaks because of their reduced sense of smell and, therefore, require alarm detection technology to protect against natural gas leaks and explosions. Our DeNova Detect alarms are the perfect solution for at-risk seniors because they do not require battery replacements for the entirety of their product service life, never false alarm, and meet the quality and installation requirements for local and state laws.

Natural gas explosions occur every other day on average. There have been 26 natural gas leak explosions in Illinois over the past four years, including 9 in 2023 alone, contributing to nearly 300 across the United States in the past year. At the beginning of the month, there was an explosion in Woodstock, IL, completely leveling the source home and damaging 11 other homes and businesses in the surrounding area. This incident follows a deadly natural gas explosion in the city earlier this summer, which claimed the life of an Oak Park resident.

No Matter Where You Live, You Need Gas Alarm Technology

Iredell County, North Carolina

After a natural gas leak explosion took the life of Tennesee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley’s father and injured a family friend in August, our team at DeNova Detect donated 100 of our natural gas alarms during National Fire Safety Week to the Iredell Country Fire Marshall’s office to jumpstart an initiative to equip local homes, specifically those in need, with proper gas detection technology.

State senators for North Carolina currently have pending legislation to require by law the installation of natural gas alarms in every residence and business using natural gas-powered appliances. Maine was the first to pass legislation of this kind back at the beginning of 2022, and six other states in addition to North Carolina—Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee—are working toward passing these guidelines, as well.

“Unlike CO or CO2, [natural] gas has an added odorant, so some will say that gas alarms aren't necessary, but with the number of incidents over the past few years, it's obvious that there is a need.” — Iredell County Emergency Management Coordinator Kent Greene.

New York City, New York

Con Edison, one of New York City’s largest electricity, gas, and steam providers, partnered with DeNova Detect to be the first utility company in the United States to deploy over 200,000 natural gas alarms in residences across Manhattan and Westchester County. Our shared goal is to install over 400,000 DeNova Detect natural gas alarms in New York residences by 2025.

This partnership sparked the creation of our Natural Gas Safety Innovator Award, which honors those companies and individuals who go the extra mile to provide natural gas safety education and resources to their communities. Fittingly, we awarded Con Edison as the first annual recipient of this award for their crucial role in our life-saving joint project.

DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms

DeNova Detect is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of natural gas alarms, developing models with superior sensor technology to detect leaks 11 minutes earlier than our competitors. Our alarms are a better option for those in states with pending or passed legislation regarding natural gas alarm instillation because they require no cords or outlets and can be placed within the regulation distance (12 inches) from the ceiling.

Our alarms require no battery replacements or upgrades during the 6-year product life span—just hang it and trust it. With voice alerts in multiple languages and zero reported false alarms, you can trust that your home is protected by the best when you shop with the first and only residential battery-powered natural gas alarm in the United States.

Ready to equip your home with the best in natural gas detection? We’re here to help! 

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