Top 8 Signs of Unsafe Natural Gas Appliances

Top 8 Signs of Unsafe Natural Gas Appliances

Over 50% of U.S. homes use natural gas as an energy source to heat up their homes, cook their meals, and more. Many of us use natural gas in our day-to-day lives, but we may not know how to determine if our appliances are in need of repair or unsafe. 

If you think you have a gas leak, call 911.  Read below to recognize the signs of unsafe natural gas appliances.

Know the Signs of Unsafe Natural Gas Appliances in Your Home

    1. Small yellow/orange flames on your gas appliances instead of blue flames
    2. The pilot light repeatedly goes out or the boiler fails to light
    3. Soot marks on or around gas appliances
    4. Increased condensation inside windows
    5. You can smell gas
    6. Faulty burnersigniters
    7. Weird buzzing/rattling sound
    8. Have poor temperature control

Sources: LibertyHomeGuard & GasSafeRegister

Luckily, with the right knowledge and natural gas alarm to protect you. To make sure you’re prepared to use your natural gas appliances safely, learn more about natural gas alarms.

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