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How to Make Your Smart Home More Intelligent With the Right Natural Gas Alarm

How to Make Your Smart Home More Intelligent With the Right Natural Gas Alarm

The use of innovative smart home technology is on the rise, and for good reason. In the U.S. alone, 60.4 million households are currently taking advantage of smart home products in 2023—a 3% increase from 2022, with 57.4 million households. With this newfound popularity, not only has the number of usages improved, but smart home functionality, reliability, and effectiveness will continue to improve this year as well.

Nearly everything can sync together with a wireless connection—lightbulbs, security cameras, blinds, garage doors, and so much more. With such technological advancements, you don’t need to be a technology expert to turn your environment into a modern hub of connectivity. Various digital communities, like the Ring community, can also enhance how your technology works for you.

The benefits of making smart upgrades include reducing energy costs, improving convenience, and tightening your home security. Amazon Sidewalk is a prime example of how devices can work together to help homeowners, businesses, and communities protect what’s valuable to them. Amazon Sidewalk is a secure mesh network—a group of devices that function as one—that creates a Wi-Fi “blanket” around your house or organization to keep your devices interconnected and your smart home covered with a reliable connection.

While many consumers focus on keeping up with popular trends and aesthetics for their smart tech, Amazon Sidewalk is placing much of its focus on safety. One product that Amazon Sidewalk is including in their Sidewalk offerings is a device that is integral to home safety and home intelligence—DeNova Detect’s natural gas detector.

How Does DeNova Detect Work with Amazon Sidewalk?

Gas alarms are often overlooked when it comes to deciding which smart appliances you want for your home. When asked about safety, most consumers are more focused on doorbell cameras and intruder alarms—but there is more to safety than protection from intruders. Natural gas safety is key to a safe home and community.

Our DeNova Detect home gas detector is the first Amazon Sidewalk-enabled gas alarm. So many gas leaks go undetected or unrepaired, causing exponential damage over time. Because you can’t see a gas leak, it is vital to have an active and sensitive alarm in place so you can catch the leak as soon as possible. DeNova Detect is designed to protect people and their property at least 11 minutes faster than other gas detectors from the potentially dangerous impacts natural gas can cause.

With Amazon Sidewalk’s Bluetooth LE and 900 MHz LoRa technology, compatible, low-powered devices—like Echo dots, Echo Assistants, Tile trackers, and so on—can connect using a small amount of bandwidth. This allows your home devices to communicate with each other and keep you in the know. Even better, compatible devices outside the home network can connect, ensuring you know what’s happening wherever you are.

How Does the DeNova Detect’s Amazon Sidewalk Alarm Differ From Traditional Alarms?

The initial problem with traditional alarms is that if no one is around to hear them, they may as well not make a sound at all.

The difference with the DeNova Detect alarm is that it will alert you when something is wrong, no matter where you are. It will provide customers with real-time information about potential gas leaks in the home, the gas level inside, and where the leak may be originating from.

DeNova Detect can send alerts in the event of an emergency by letting information hop from one low-powered device to another, increasing the range without significantly impacting battery life as the information reaches its destination. And, as more people start to participate in the Amazon Sidewalk network, the network becomes more reliable, extending its connectivity even further.

Is Amazon Sidewalk Secure?

Many consumers’ top concern when it comes to smart-home tech is how secure their information is. While you certainly want to know about a potential gas leak on your property, you may not want everyone else in the neighborhood to know it—and they won’t. Amazon Sidewalk’s connectivity is secure. There is no way for Sidewalk-enabled devices to know they are connected to each other, protecting any data on your device—which is already anonymous. So if your neighbor's Tile is connected through your Echo device, for example, neither you nor your neighbor will know about the shared connection or where the other device is located.

Plus, Sidewalk refreshes and deletes network identifiers every 30 minutes to minimize the risk of someone tracing your connection through the chain of IDs on the network.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Natural Gas Safety

Few fires are more dangerous and destructive than gas fires, and even fewer homes are equipped with any sensory detection for gas leaks, even with fossil fuel's hold on our home appliances. The average person probably can’t tell you if their residence or office has a gas detector—and that’s a serious problem.

Gas leaks may not be as common as house fires, but many people don’t understand just how serious the situation can be if they go undetected. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 4,200 home fires per year occur due to the ignition of natural gas, causing about 40 deaths and 140 injuries yearly.

Although unintentional, natural gas and carbon monoxide threats go hand in hand, creating a toxic, combustible concoction within enclosed spaces. These fires cause an estimated loss of $644 million per year in direct property damage.

Despite the potential dangers and current controversy over gas stoves, many people and organizations still rely on natural gas in one way or another. This is why all consumers must upgrade their natural gas safety measures. Purchasing natural gas detectors is the cautious, simple, and practical way to save yourself from unnecessary damage or, worse, a deadly scenario.

Why DeNova Detect?

A wise man–our Chief Operating Officer Ron Lazarus—once said, “Every community deserves to be protected with the best and most reliable natural gas leak detection technology available for their home, and DeNova Detect delivers on this promise.”

And he’s right.

DeNova Detect is the only residential battery-powered wireless natural gas alarm in the U.S. with a guaranteed 10-year battery and product service life. With superior patented sensor technology, these natural gas detectors provide fast and accurate methane gas detection—faster than any other natural gas detector on the market. Every second counts when it comes to natural gas safety.

DeNova Detect Natural Gas Alarms seamlessly integrate with the wireless LoRaWAN network and Itron Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), providing reliable real-time communication and data in English or Spanish. These alarms virtually eliminate nuisance alarms caused by harsh household chemicals, such as laundry detergent, disinfectant spray, aerosol hairspray, and furniture polish, so you’re only alerted when there is a real emergency.

Understanding natural gas risks and what to do if a situation occurs is critical to keeping you, your loved ones, and your community safe.

Luckily, smart home devices are getting smarter every year. Make your home safer and more intelligent with the right Amazon Sidewalk tech—including the best natural gas alarm available.

Have questions about DeNova Detect and our Amazon Sidewalk partnership? Let’s talk.  

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