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Gas Leak DetectionGas Safety Myths Debunked

Gas Safety Myths Debunked

Natural gas is essential to heating and providing power to different home appliances. Though popular, many fear using it because of false messaging and fear-mongering. Many myths about natural gas ...

Home Safetynatural gas detector

Real-Life Stories: How Natural Gas Detectors Saved Lives

While many people work hard to secure their homes from external threats, most forget to protect themselves from threats already inside. Different dangers, like electrical or cooking fires and natur...

How Natural Gas Alarms are manufactured and tested

Behind the Scenes: How Natural Gas Alarms Are Manufactured and Tested

Picture this: You're at home, spending a cozy evening with your loved ones. Unbeknownst to you, a minor natural gas leak has occurred. Invisible and silent, the gas begins to accumulate. This is wh...